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Our Workflow
Raster to Digital
        - Legacy Data is transformed to Original LAS Data
Well Data to Reservoir Architecture
        - Reservoir flow units are correlated across field
Geophysical Well Log Analysis
        - Collect and Organize Data
        - Generate Missing Curves ( see Syn-Sonic-Density)
Wavelet Extraction and Synthetic Seismogram Generation
        - Extract Seismic Data Traces for Source Wavelet
        - Synthetic Comparison to Actual Data
Multiple Well Synthetic 2D Seismic Section Generation
        - Seismic Model from Geologic Model
        - Allows Direct Comparison to Seismic Data
Kansas Digital
Professional Biography
Integrated Project Management
Geological Modeling
Reservoir Evaluation
Geophysical Modeling
Geophysical Interpretation
Geoscience Solutions
Paul Gerlach
Syn-Seis Traces & LAS
Syn-Seis Models
Raster to Digital