GEOSCIENCE SOLUTIONS - Integrated Project Management
Integrated Project Management
Our integrated project approach delivers project solutions on an outsourced or collaborative basis. With 30 years of mid-continent experience, unmatched historical well and production data, and leading processes and software systems, we offer you an integrated approach to any phase of an upstream project - from exploration through development to full field management.

Our business offering is unique and tailored to the needs of each project. Our commercial flexibility allows us to design a compensation scheme that matches the objectives of the project and aligns us with the goals of the project owner.

Field Development
Using our experience, processes, and software systems we deliver an integrated plan for new field development from subsurface model to first hydrocarbon production and beyond.

Field Rehabilitation
The mature nature of mid-continent reserves requires a highly integrated and focused business solution for mature fields that aims to deliver an improvement in field production levels and an increase in ultimate recovery.
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