GEOSCIENCE SOLUTIONS - Geophysical Modeling
Geophysical Modeling
Integrated Interpretation brings geologic and seismic data together - then lets you view the predicted seismic response across the prospect. The process begins with seismic synthetic generation using extracted wavelet from 2D/3D data, followed by 2D stratigraphic or structural modeling. By inputing subtle changes to the geologic model we can immediately view corresponding seismic response.

Our interactive geophysical modeling capabilities let you:

        - generate 2D synthetic seismic models from geologic data

        - flatten on any horizon

        - view interpolated logs & traces in wiggle, variable area, or color ampiltude

        - output models in seg-y format

        - use velocity and density for isolated bodies

        - datum elevation and velocity for time-structural models

        - display synthetics and seismic trace data in depth and time        
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